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The Faith Movement

Remembering Matthew 17:20, Faith as small as a mustard see moves mountains, and nothing will be impossible, Faith Farm Co. strives to spread the love of God through real action. Nothing is impossible with God and Jesus said we can do greater works than He did. We aspire to help others grow in God while helping the real issues people are dealing with. Join us as we create a faith movement.

My goal is to spread the love and truth of God through real actions

Amanda Wilson – Founder of Faith Farm Corporation

Ever since I could remember all I wanted to do was help others. When I was going through a hard time, instead of giving into the depression, I went to homeless shelters, I gave out food, and I created a necklace with a mustard seed in it and began giving it to others. I felt if I was feeling depressed, suicidal, hurt, then there were many others going through that, and some in much worse situations. I created Faith Farm Co. which is an official nonprofit in the state of Maryland in order to change people’s lives and spread the love of God through real actions.